Monday, 21 November 2016


MRS May Road School is a primary school in Mt Roskill in the city of Auckland. Auckland is in New zealand. May Road School is on a road called Richardson Rd. It is near shops like dairies. 

Bilingual Classes 
At our school we have 3 Samoan Bilingual classes. They are called the Lumana’i Manuia mo a Taeao. On Wednesday and Thursday we always have Lumana’i Time in Rm 9 sometimes in Rm 10 and Rm 12. That is when we always have it. We talk about ways we talk, walk, stand and sit to show that we are Samoan. We sing Samoan songs and hymns and we practice lotu. I always like to learn in Samoan with my teacher and my Mum and Dad in school and at home. 

We have 3 teaching teams. They are Kauri, Puriri and Rata. In the Kauri Team there are 4 classes in the Kauri Teams. In the Puriri Team there are 4 classes. In the Puriri Teams that’s how much classes there are in the Puriri teams. Do you know there are small classes in the Rata Team. There are only 2 classses in Rata Team. 

In the Library we have a Fish Tank so we can see fishes. It is not there to play with it. There are students for the Library so they can help people to take some books home to read at home with your Mum & Dad. The Library is a quiet place to read. It is not for play.

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